Back Country Horsemen of Nevada work together to keep the trails open for all. The Carson Valley Chapter of BCHN has volunteered to help maintain the Wolf Creek area trail system. Work involves repairing trails that get washed out during the spring runoff, clearing downed trees, installing trail markers and signs and cleaning up trail heads. Back Country Horsemen help to maintain trails for all users.
Early in the season BCHN members use a two-man saw to cut a gap in this two foot diameter downed tree so trail users do not have to climb over or find a way to get around. Keeping trails open and well maintained are primary objectives of Back Country Horsemen of Nevada. Consider joining us or a chapter in your area.
Trail clearing on the High Trail in Wolf Creek. Not only do BCHN members work on the trail, we provide the tools, labor and stock to pack in everything necessary for the job.

Wolf Creek, CA, Golden Canyon. Many hours of hard work were devoted to the Golden Canyon Trail by BCHN members, the PCTA (Pacific Crest Trail Association) and the Carson Ranger District. This trail had been pretty much unused and unmaintained for about 20 years. We changed that.

Members of the High Sierra Chapter install a Fred Young Equestrian Gate. For more information of the Fred Young Equestrian Gate, including dimensions and a printable document, please see our 'Projects Page'.

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