The Back Country Horsemen of Nevada are very active in Trail Maintenance, whether that means being out keeping trails clear or working with regulating agencies to keep trails open. We supply the Labor, Pack Stock and Tools to do the work necessary to keep back country trails open and clear. We also raise funds, attend meetings, lobby lawmakers and work with other groups working toward this same goal.


Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Hours. Trail work is the mainstay of our mission. Every chapter and every member participates in some way to help keep trails open. Here are the number of hours and their calculated value for the work that BCHA members have done over the last 18 years. The total for 18 years is 3,710,693 hours for a total donated dollar value of $100,852,766. WOW, over a hundred million $$ !! Thanks, BCHA Members, for all your hard work.


Total Miles Cleared for 2012: 17,148 miles. This includes 7,889 Wilderness Miles and 9,259 Non-Wilderness Miles.


Back Country Horsemen of America has over 13,300 members in over 170 Chapters in 26 States. Over 12,000 copies of the Newsletter are printed each issue.


Honorable Mention. Another nice article about BCHA and it's membership, this time from the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance.


Members, please CLICK HERE to download the BCHN 'Individual Volunteer Hours' form. Fill out this form and submit to our work team coordinator for all trail work. This is how all chapters tally and report their volunteer hours, make sure they all count! For instructions on filling out the form CLICK HERE. Go to the BCHA Volunteer Web Page for more information.


Looking for directions to WOLF CREEK? Click here for a Google Map.

Wolf Creek CA, Golden Canyon, High Trail to Soda Springs. Many hours of hard work were devoted to the Golden Canyon Trail by BCHN members, the PCTA (Pacific Crest Trail Association) and the Carson Ranger District. The Golden Canyon trail has been pretty much unused and not maintained for about 20 years. See also the email acknowledgment from the Carson Ranger District thanking all those involved. The team removed logs and boulders, cleared trail, erected signs and performed other maintenance. Not only did BCHN members work on the trail, they provided the labor and stock to pack in all the tools and equipment necessary for the job. Special Thanks to the crew at Little Antelope Pack Station for help in packing in the fence posts used in this job. Follow this link to the PCT intersection with Golden Canyon N38.4592 W119.7271.
Little Antelope Pack Station Little Antelope Pack Station
Back Country Horsemen of Nevada Soda Springs Station Back Country Horsemen of Nevada Soda Springs Station Back Country Horsemen of Nevada Soda Springs Station

Group Shot, BCHA and USFS crews at Soda Springs. After the old corral, which has been down for five plus years, together with wire etc. was cleaned up we took a breather. Sixteen new holes were dug by Fire Crew 5 of Markleeville. Younger workers did get things done much faster than old timers Phil & Mike. Done also that same day, we planted and set all posts tamped true and plumb. BCHN Carson Valley Chapter installed the cross members to the 50ft Round Pen summer of 2010. The Five in the back are: (L to R) Frank, Shawn, Genny Wilson (USFS District Ranger), Javier, Courtney (USFS). Middle Row: Marin, Phil Sullivan & Mike Arkell, from BCHA Carson Valley. Kneeling is Benjamin with Phil’s AKC registered Pain in the Ass Queensland Squealer, Tess. Pictured at right, L to R are: Ben, Javier, Phil (BCHN), Frank and Our Chapters' own 'Mr. Warmth', Mike Arkell (BCHN).

Back Country Horsemen of Nevada Soda Springs Station
Back Country Horsemen of Nevada Back Country Hoesemen of Nevada Back Country Horsemen of Nevada
Back Country Horsemen of Nevada Back Country Horsemen of Nevada Back Country Horsemen of Nevada


As a long time member of the Carson Valley Chapter, Back Country Horsemen of Nevada, Fred Young has been an invaluable member to our organization. For more than 20 years, access to the Toiyabe National Forest from the NE corner of Jack’s Valley in Northern Nevada has been open to the public. But, like many back country areas these days, in 2008, access to this Forest was closed off to the public by the Toiyabe Ranger District. Confused by this, Fred inquired of a local ranger as to why this had happened. The response he received was that due to deer migration in the area the Forestry Department wanted to prohibit motorized vehicles from entering the area. Unfortunately, this also kept out mountain bikers, equestrians and hikers. There had previously been a gate (which Fred had installed several years earlier), but the Forestry Department had placed a pole in the middle of that gate which not only prevented any motorized vehicles from entering the area but also prevented equestrians and mountain bikes from entering as well. Not deterred, however, Fred met with local rangers and sought to work together to come up with a solution to this problem.

Given the go-ahead by the USFS, Fred designed a gate that would allow equestrian users, mountain bikers and hikers all access, but would still prevent motorized vehicle access. Then, at his own expense, Fred not only built but installed his new gate with the approval of local rangers. The Toiyabe Ranger District liked Fred’s gate design so much that they decided to install more of them. Fred’s new gate design has been so successful that the Toiyabe Ranger District has forwarded it to the U.S. Forestry Service for use in other areas; a benefit to all back country users. CLICK HERE to see the article published in the Back Country Horsemen of America Newsletter.


Back Country Horsemen of Nevada

CLICK HERE for a detailed drawing of Fred's Gate with all pertinent dimensions. Note from the pictures that Fred uses various pieces of pipe and scrap metal for all of his gates, and in some cases, wood posts are used or added.

Back Country Horsemen of Nevada
The gates above are located at N39.091812 W119.805611 and N39.092169 W119.799414 Near the Jack's Valley Elementary School. Many others are located around the area.

Back Country Horsemen of Nevada Trail Sign

Hobart Road / Lakeview Trail Head Sign. This sign was placed here by BCHN and the Nevada All State Trail Riders ( in 2010. More signs are in the works for other local riding areas: Faye Luther Canyon Trail Head, Thomas Creek, Wolf Creek and more. In addition to installing signs, BCHN members walk the walk by always cleaning up after our horses and others to help keep trail heads clean and people friendly. BCHN members practice the 'Leave No Trace' philosophy in caring for our back country.

CLICK HERE for updated Hobart Trail Head information.  

BCHN Calendar of Events. We plan a variety of rides, meetings, training classes, trail clearings and maintenance, special events and other 'get togethers' each year. Events are open to Members Only. All events are subject to change, please contact the event manager to confirm dates and times. CLICK HERE for the BCHN CVC Calendar of events.

CLICK HERE for the BCHN CVC Calendar of events



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