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The new trail head that isn't. With much hoopla the Carson City Parks Department had been touting the long overdue proposed trail head improvements. Members of both BCHN and attended commission meetings and contacted the Parks Department to lobby for increased parking in the area and a way to park off of local neighborhood residential streets. Hopes for improvements to increase parking and ease trail head access concerns have fizzled. The new parking area is only a 'Turn Around' area and is clearly marked as such; no additional parking was provided for hikers or horsemen so there has been no additional parking provided. The turn-around area is too small to comfortably turn around with even a medium sized rig. BCHN and NASTR had both pledged manpower to help maintain the trail head while NASTR has also pledged money to help with construction. Another Fred Young Equestrian Gate was installed.

Lakeview is a nice, older subdivision on the north side of Carson City just west of US Highway 395. Originally developed in the early 1970's, when this trail head and easement were already in use, the subdivision is still being developed today. The trail head is at the west end of Hobart Road.

Lakeview area residents had lobbied against the trail head improvements believing that would keep the popularity and use of this trail head down. The end result is nobody has benefitted (but tax dollars were still spent). This trail is more popular than ever and the parking is still terrible. As you can see by looking at the links below, the end result has little resemblance to the proposed improvements which also were inadequate.

Carson City has owned this 40 acre parcel for over forty years, before most of Lakeview even existed. The land was given the the county by the BLM with the intended purpose of being used for recreation, over 99% of it is still not being used for its' originally intended purpose.

Hobart Trail HeadHobart Trail Head
Hobart Trail HeadHobart Trail Head
Hobart Trail HeadHobart Trail Head
ABOVE: 2012, From Top Left: As you can see from these pictures there is now even less room to park now. Part of the reason is because trail head users had unknowingly been parking on private property which is now fenced off by the split rail fence along the road. There is now only minimal in-line street parking. If you are towing a horse trailer you will need to back down to the intersection to turn around. The red and white signs at the entrance, visible in the middle pictures, say 'Turn Around Only, No Parking' and 'One Way'. The barrier rocks are placed in such a way as to make it difficult for even small horse trailers to turn around. Notice in the last two pictures are a Fred Young Equestrian Gate. Barely visible in the last picture, directly behind the Fred Young Gate is the sign previously placed by BCHN and NASTR encouraging horsemen to keep the trail head clean. The dirt road behind the equestrian gate is the road to Hobart Reservoir.


NOTE. Some of the Video and News Article links below are no longer active and the stories have been removed. Most of the local newspapers referrenced below now require a subscription to read their articles.

January 2011: Carson Valley Trails System Update

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Hobart Road Trail HeadHobart Road Trail Head

ABOVE: 2011, Coming back to the trailer. These pictures show the trail head before the 'improvements'. The horse trailer is parked on private property which is now blocked off by the new split rail fence. The only access gate used to be on that private property as the dirt road was blocked by a gate and a chain link fence. The only improvement may be that you can now walk through where the old gate used to be and then go through the new Equestrian Gate, avoiding the private property. You cannot park a trailer there any more but you do not have to walk on private property to get to the trail. The improvements that were advertised as horse and hiker friendly have turned out to be anything but.




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