Yosemite Comments Requested

Please respond by January 29, 2016

Your voice is needed to ensure that Yosemite Wilderness remains accessible and enjoyable for recreational stock users.

Please submit public scoping comments for the park's Wilderness Stewardship Plan by January 29th, 2016.

Please CLICK HERE for a letter from BCHA Chairman Donald Saner for information requesting your input regarding Horses, Trails and Stock Use in Yosemite National Park. Your participation is appreciated. Send your comments to: yose_planning@nps.gov

CLICK HERE to go to the NPS Yosemite website.


Wolf Creek Fire June 2015

Fire at Wolf Creek area June 2015

All trail work is on hold until further notice. It appears, from the maps available and the ones included here, that the Wolf Creek Trail System area maintained by the Back Country Horsemen of Nevada is going to survive this fire event.

For more information click on the links below:

Carson Valley Times

National Wildfire Coordinating Group Incident Information System

Douglas County GIS Interactive Map

CLICK HERE or on the map for a larger view.

Go to our Back Country Projects Page for more information on the work we do.


UPDATE: The comment period has been extended again to May 27, 2015.
UPDATE: The comment period has been extended to April 27, 2015.

Bureau of Land Management Public Hearing, March 19, 2015

Formal Public Hearing announced for Thursday March 19 2015 at the Fallon Commission Chamber on the Carson City District Draft Resource Management Plan.

Fallon Commission Chamber
155 North Taylor Street
Fallon, Nevada 89406

CLICK the image to the right to view or print a larger version with more details.

CLICK the links below for more information:

Carson City District Draft RMP/EIS Public Hearing
Carson City District Resource Management Plan Revision
Draft Resource Management Plan Environmental Impact Statement

Email your comments to BLM_NV_CCDO_RMP@blm.gov

BLM Hearing


Directions to the Trailhead: (elevation 6000 ft)
1. Hwy 50 to Kyburz CA
2. South on Silver Fork Road; go 9 miles
3. Cross Fitch Rantz Bridge; go .2  mile
4.  Right on dirt road 10N94; go .3 mile
5.  Gravel marks the completed parking area

Caples Creek Equestrian Trailhead

Caples Creek Equestrian Trailhead Update, October 2014

CLICK HERE for more information, more pictures, links and a map to the area.

Progress Report from the Mother Lode Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of California.

The trailhead consists of 15-20 trailer parking spaces located 10 miles South of Kyburz CA off Hwy 50 on Silver Fork Road. It is an equestrian community project funded by donations and developed by local volunteer labor. 

The planning and construction of this site resulted from an extended partnership between the Elegant Ears Mule Association, the Mother Lode Unit of BCHC and the US Forest Service.

PHASE I – Project Manager. Jere Schaeffer
2011-2012:  study & approval processes
2013:  survey, grading & trail extension to new trailhead
2014:  gravel 12 spaces & bridge repair  

The trailhead opened in June 2014 after $20,000 was raised to pay for grading & partial gravel & signage & bridge repair.  All funds were donated and used to purchase materials. In-kind donations of heavy equipment usage totaled another $4665. A total of 1284 hours of volunteer labor was contributed.

PHASE II: Current efforts are seeking an additional $15,000 funds for completion of the gravel, developing a water source and other improvements to the trailhead.

Individuals or organizations wishing to contribute funds or join in the work projects can contact the Phase II Project Manager: Lucy Badenhoop at 916-216-7040 or badenhoop@comcast.net

All contributions will be acknowledged with a letter citing the amount and our nonprofit tax ID number. Checks should be made out to BCHC-MLU and mailed c/o Lucy Badenhoop, PO Box 258, North Highlands, CA  95660.

CLICK HERE for the Promotional Flyer

CLICK HERE for a Google Maps page to this location.



Clear Creek Trail Grand Opening April 12, 14, 2014

All events will start at Jacks Valley Trailhead located on the west side of Jacks Valley Elementary school. This is 1.5 miles west of the Hwy 395/Jacks Valley Road intersection.

Saturday, April 12th Events:
10am-11am - Learn all about the Clear Creek Trail, project partners, trail construction and trail use. A light breakfast will be provided. Displays, maps and information present.

11am-4pm - Enjoy the trail on your own or join one of three hiker led tours (5 - 14 miles) open to hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers. Turn back whenever you want. Bring lunch and water.

Sunday, April 13th Events:
10am-3pm - 14 mile equestrian led tour to Knob Point and back. Turn back whenever you want.

3pm-6pm - 14 mile mountain bike led tour to Knob Point and back. Turn back whenever you want.

Clear Creek Trail

Carson Valley Trails Association View Clear Creek Trail Grand Opening flier

MARCH 2014 email Update from Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park supervisor Jay Howard:

Dear stakeholders:

We are writing today to notify you that management staff at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park has completed the process of public scoping and partner agency/organization consultation regarding the TAMBA proposed trail use change on the 8 mile Snow Valley Peak TRT segment that extends from Spooner Summit to Hobart Road. The findings are contained within the attached Park Position Statement.

In discussion with US Forest Service partners we have found that in the case of a contested view from the public of the proposed trail use changes, even with only an informal agreement in place, additional scoping and examination of trail use must be completed by USFS before the current trail use limitations may be altered or reversed. Park staff will continue to work with our USFS partners toward a mutually approved resolution concerning the request to expand trail use on the above affected section of TRT.

In the meantime, grant money has been secured cooperatively by Parks and the Tahoe Rim Trail Association to repair/re-route degraded sections of trail on the affected segment to restore accepted trail standards. Parks has agreed to include TRTA trained crew leaders to supervise any Parks driven volunteer efforts to improve the trail. As well, at a minimum, Parks is asking USFS trail staff to partner with us in this effort, if only to review and supervise.

The Park's Position Statement will be placed in our official Trails Plan. Should any questions arise on this correspondence or the Position Statement please refer to the contacts below.

Thank you for your participation in this (ongoing) process. We will continue to work vigorously and honestly with all affected individuals and organizations on questions of recreational trail use and access.


Jay Howard
Bill Champion

Jay Howard, Park Supervisor
Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park
PO Box 6116
Incline Village, NV. 89450
(775) 831-0494 x229 office
(775) 315-5842 cell
(775) 831-2514 fax


Bill Champion, Park Supervisor I
Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park
Cave Rock Spooner Lake Backcountry Operations
2005 Hwy 28, PO Box 6116
Incline Village, NV, 89450
(775) 831-0494 x224    
(775) 831-2514 fax
(775) 220-3448 cell

CLICK HERE to go to our Snow Valley Peak webpage

A new local Equestrian Camp area is in progress, just announced by the Mother Lode Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of California. Located between Kyburz (Hwy 50) and Caples Lake (Hwy 88) in California. The Mother Lode Chapter of BCHC joined forces with the Elegant Ears Mule Association and the United States Forest Service to secure and develop the area for horse centered riding and camping. An equestrian camp in this location will provide access to the Caples Creek Trail head, connecting to trails within the Eldorado National Forest including those leading to Schneider's Cow Camp, Sayles Canyon and the Kirkwood area.

CLICK HERE for more information, some pictures and a map to the area.



Update February 11, 2013:

Just as expected, The Tahoe mountain bike club, known as TAMBA, has re-applied to open the Snow Valley Peak Trail section of the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) to mountain bikes. BCHN has received an email from Dana Dapolito advising of an upcoming meeting to discuss this section of trail. See below for more information or CLICK HERE to go to our Snow Valley Peak page. This group has already succeeded in closing the Flume Trail to horses on the other side of Marlette Reservoir (see the pictures on the Snow Valley Peak page). CLICK HERE to see the proposal.

More updates will be posted as they are made available.

Below is the latest email. There is an email address and other contact information at the bottom to respond to for comments.

Good afternoon.

In the coming months, the Nevada Division of State Parks will schedule a meeting to discuss the future management of the Snow Valley Peak segment of trail that runs through the Spooner Backcountry area of Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. As you are aware, there is a proposal from the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association to open this segment to mountain bike use.

This meeting will bring together representatives from NDSP and multiple user groups, including hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians, with the expectation that each representative will gather input from their respective groups regarding the proposed change in management and convey this input to the group for consideration.

At this time, NDSP has identified the following groups to represent the equestrian community:

  • American Endurance Ride Conference;
  • High Desert Horsemen;
  • National Endurance Driving Association;
  • Nevada All-State Trail Riders; and
  • Nevada Backcountry Horsemen.

Please provide me with contact information (phone number and email, if possible) for Chuck Vickrey and Elaine Anagnostou, as Presidents of the Carson Valley and High Sierra Chapters, respectively. If there are more appropriate contacts, please provide.

Also, if there appears to be any group that should be represented missing from the above list, please identify.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this request, or the proposed meeting.

Best regards,

Dana A. Dapolito
Conservation Staff Specialist
Nevada Division of State Parks
(775) 684-2740



August 2012 News from BCHA Chairman Michael McGlenn regarding SEKI:

The attached ruling from the Judge in the California SEKI (Sequoia & Kings Canyon) case brings to an end this phase of the process filed by the High Sierra Hikers Association. The work of the members, chapters, units and states to get this resolution shows what a dedicated group can do against seemingly overwhelming opposition. BCH and all of our partners got it done. This is a really good example of the need for good, fast communication when faced with a nationwide event that effects all of us and our choice of recreation. Thank you to all of you that worked so hard to make this happen.

MORE Information: Fresno Bee article . Original suit by HSHA . BCHCSD Web page . BCHA Article


BCHA Trail Info

Equine Land Conservation Resource

BCHA: News of Note from Equine Land Conservation Resource

Take ACTION: RTP Opt Out is a Danger to Equestrian Trails. We are asking for your help as an individual or as  a leader of an equestrian/ equine organization to ensure that State Governors do not opt out of the Recreational Trails Program (RTP). The FHWA Recreational Trails Program is the country's premier source of trail building and maintenance funding. CLICK HERE to go to the Equine Land Conservation Resource website.

This is updated information emailed by BCHA to Members August 2012.


Snow Valley Peak

Snow Valley Peak

Public Meeting Flier

TAMBA (Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association) has submitted a Proposal to Open the entire 8.5 mile Spooner segment of Tahoe Rim Trail to mountain bikes. This is the last segment of the Tahoe Rim Trail (outside the designated Wildernesses, the PCT, and the short portion of the TRT on the Mount Rose Summit Trail) closed to mountain bike use. If you look at their own pictures in their proposal for trail work up by Snow Valley Peak, you can see there is nowhere a horse or bike could go if they were to meet on the trail. There is no room for them to pass on the trail and it is extremely dangerous.
The segment has never been open to mountain bikes and a formal agreement, between TAMBA and the Forest Service & NV State Parks, to leave it closed was made in 1996 to allow one TRT section (especially being near urban Carson City) where horses and hikers could continue to avoid mountain bikers on the TRT.

Other than on TAMBA's website under the "Projects" tab, this proposal has to date not been advertised or publicized but has been in discussions with the trail managing agencies. 

As a result, the Snow Valley segment receives heavy hiker and equestrian use due to being near urban Carson City and Douglas County, the absence of bikes, and the vistas of Lake Tahoe including those from Snow Valley Peak.
Bikes currently ride between Hobart Road and Spooner Lake down North Canyon then get back on the TRT at the Spooner Summit South Trail Head on US50.

If you cannot attend the meeting you can email your comments or questions to (Park Supervisor) Jay Howard at JayAtTahoe@gmail.com.

FOR THE RECORD: The Official Policy of Back Country Horsemen is that we are working to keep the trails OPEN FOR ALL USERS. This particular trail, however, is one that we believe should be exclusively for foot and hoof traffic due to the nature of the trail, its historical use, and the fact that other multi-use trails already exist in the area.

CLICK HERE For some pictures of the area and more information.




Lakeview Hobart Trailhead

Hobart Trailhead

Lakeview Hobart Trail head. The new trail head that isn't. With much hoopla the Carson City Parks Department had been touting the long overdue proposed trail head improvements. Members of both BCHN and NASTR.org attended commission meetings and contacted the Parks Department to lobby for increased parking in the area and a way to park off of local neighborhood residential streets. Hopes for improvements to increase parking and ease trail head access concerns have fizzled. The new parking area is only a 'Turn Around' area and is clearly marked as such; no additional parking was provided for hikers or horsemen so there has been no additional parking provided. The turn-around area is too small to comfortably turn around with even a medium sized rig. BCHN and NASTR had both pledged manpower to help maintain the trail head while NASTR has also pledged money to help with construction. Another Fred Young Equestrian Gate was installed.

Lakeview is a nice, older subdivision on the north side of Carson City just west of US Highway 395. Originally developed in the early 1970's, when this trail head and easement were already in use, the subdivision is still being developed today. The trail head is at the west end of Hobart Road.

Lakeview area residents had lobbied against the trail head improvements believing that would keep the popularity and use of this trail head down. The end result is nobody has benefited (but tax dollars were still spent). This trail is more popular than ever and the parking is still terrible. As you can see by looking at the links below, the end result has little resemblance to the proposed improvements which also were inadequate.

Carson City has owned this 40 acre parcel for over forty years, before most of Lakeview even existed. The land was given the the county by the BLM with the intended purpose of being used for recreation, over 99% of it is still not being used.

CLICK HERE to see some larger pictures of the area and related information.


New Chapter of BCHN.  We welcome our newest chapter to BCHN: The Bristlecone Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Nevada (Las Vegas) had their first General Meeting on Friday, March 16, 2012. Read more here.


Deal reached allowing loaded guns in NV State Parks. People who can lawfully possess firearms can now take their loaded guns into Nevada's state parks under a legal agreement approved Tuesday. Read the story here. See the legal document here.



BCHA Trail Classification Assistance Program

This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing that BCHA has ever done per the Chairman of Back Country of Horsemen of America. Part 1 has a video attached to it, make sure you watch the whole video it clarifies the whole process and the reason for it. You may download the Power Points which do not include the video. CLICK HERE  to go to the Trail Classification Assistance Program page at the Back Country Horsemen of America website.

Wolf Creek Campground


Weed Free Hay? Weed Free Hay. Is the Weed Free Hay requirement a farce? Here is another study that says YES: University of Wisconsin Department of Forest Ecology. This study was commissioned by AERC. AERC, like BCHA, is very active in keeping trails open and maintained. Visit the  American Endurance Ride Conference website to learn more.


BCHN Please note: Our local papers (the Nevada Appeal in Carson City, the Record Courier in Douglas County and the Gazette Journal in Reno) are now requiring readers to subscribe to their publications to read their articles. Other newspapers may also. Some of the links on this page and others may not work unless you have a subscription.



Lakeview - Hobart Trail Head Access.

Lakeview is a nice, older subdivision on the north side of Carson City just west of US Highway 395. Originally developed in the early 1970's, when this trail head and easement were already in use, the subdivision is still being developed today. The trail head is at the west end of Hobart Road. See updates above. See above for updated information or go to our HOBART page.





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